Sanctions Compliance

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New sanctions imposed on Russian entities and individuals affect supply chains, vendor management, and operations throughout the global business community. Learn how Moody’s Analytics can help you adapt to these rules in a rapidly changing environment.
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How can Moody’s Analytics help?
Data Management
Use Moody’s Analytics Orbis for master data management to ensure the best possible starting point for any sanctions screening program.
Sanction List Screening
Use Moody’s Analytics GRID to ensure fast and accurate screening of all relevant sanctions and watchlists globally.
Ownership & Control Sanctions
Use Orbis to truly understand the real ownership and control behind legal entities. Queries can be set up to identify those sanctioned by the 50% OFAC rule and the EU & UK's "control" rules.
Comprehensive Sanctions & Exposure
Use Orbis to identify entities and individuals located in or connected to sanctioned regions.
Cautionary Associations
Use GRID's Sanctions Connect to uncover hidden networks. Sanctioned entities frequently obscure their ownership and control through family members or close connections.
Proactive Monitoring
GRID updates sanctions coverage daily and delivers alerts when there is a new sanction or change. 
Complimentary Exposure Check
Go beyond the lists. See how timely, accurate and risk-relevant sanctions data combines with ownership and control information to present a full view of sanctions exposure.
Upload your portfolio and cross-reference with Moody’s Analytics ownership, watchlist and sanctions data
You will receive full coverage statistics, including the number of matches, and the number of related entities

Learn what your organization can do right now to ensure sanctions compliance

Sanctions Lists
Ensure coverage of all major sanction and watchlists and ensure you are receiving updates every 24 hours.
Ownership or Control
Not all sanctioned entities are named on the lists. Analyses ownership, control, voting power and linkages to remain compliant with laws such as OFAC's 50% and the EU's "by control" rules.
Governments have placed sanctions and restrictions on the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. Ensure you know both your customer and supply chain exposure to these regions.
Sanctioned entities and individuals will typically try to operate via family members, friends or other networks. Ensure you identify associations below ownership thresholds as well as checking familial and personal relationships of sanctioned persons. Then make risk-based decisions aligned to your company's values and risk appetite.
On-Demand Webinar
Access this webinar where Moody’s Analytics compliance and sanctions experts discuss the implications of sanctions against Russia
How a sanctions screening program will help you better identify risks
How to understand your exposure to sanctioned entities and how to mitigate risk
The importance of ownership in sanctions-related due diligence
Review of information available from Moody’s Analytics Know Your Customer solutions to ensure effective risk management

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