Regtech leaders to watch in 2023

January 11, 2023

Regulatory technology (regtech) has revolutionized the way firms – big and small – manage compliance processes. The rise of digital solutions has led to significant efficiency gains for the teams responsible for tasks such as internal regulatory auditing, customer onboarding, and enhanced due diligence.

A financial institution will receive an almost inconceivable amount of data to process to open and maintain a corporate customer’s account. They will need to regularly monitor their customers for any material and relevant changes in organization, no matter how seemingly innocuous they appear. Add in the complexity of an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, and you discover there’s a lot at stake for institutions who must balance creating positive customer experiences of compliance with stringent anti-money laundering controls.  

This is where regtech enters the picture. For more than decade, the application of regtech by financial firms and other regulated entities has steadily gained momentum thanks to dedicated experts trying to make an impact on the way the industry fights financial crime. Innovators across the world have been working tirelessly to provide regulated entities with the tools they need to improve regulatory governance, reporting, compliance, risk management, and customer experiences.  

In this article, we explore some of the key people behind these innovations.  

Regtech influencers to follow in 2023

Jane Jee

Jane Jee has a broad background of legal and compliance experience, having worked for a diverse group of companies, including internet payment gateways, mobile phone payment companies, money transmitters and more throughout the past 30 years.

A Bonafide payment expert, Jane holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association (ICA), and taught ICA post-grad students about the future of payments including new developments in payment and compliance technology and changes to the regulatory environment.

Jane shares her vast industry knowledge with her community by publishing articles on anti-money laundering, speaking at conferences and advocating for the widespread adoption of regtech to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of compliance practices.  

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Sian Lewin

Sian Lewin is one of the co-founders of RegTech Associates, the largest independent network of regtech platforms, regulated financial institutions and regulatory experts working together to collaborate on industry-wide goals. She leads the organization’s research and content generation activities, working with regtechs and regulated companies to help them improve and scale their operations.

Realizing there was no single community bringing the talented women of regtech together, Sian created RegTech Women in 2019 to build out a professional network. Sian was featured on the Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Powerlists in 2019 and 2020. 

With more than two decades of experience helping international financial institutions like JP Morgan, UBS, and RBS increase their ability to respond to the evolving regulatory climate, Dr. Sian Lewin is certainly a person to watch.

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Chor Teh

Working tirelessly in the back offices of major financial institutions for many years, Chor Teh knows what it takes to transform financial crime compliance programs for the better. With a specialty in client lifecycle management, Chor has first-hand experience in helping organizations bring together the best data, technology, and processes to ensure exceptional customer experiences with compliance as the priority.

With his extensive knowledge of client lifecycle management (CLM), regulatory and KYC remediation, and regulatory classification, Chor has been instrumental in the rollout of major programs and is acutely aware of what technology brings to the table.  

Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Chor worked for global organizations including JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, ICBC Standard Bank, and Investec Bank - driving strategic activity to deliver efficiency through people strategies, target operating models, location strategies, and large-scale digital transformation.  

Chor believes in the transformational power of regtech, which in his own words, can “empower people to work smarter, not harder, by turning theory into practical solutions.”

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Samantha J Sheen

Samantha Sheen is no stranger to the spotlight. A frequent chairwoman, moderator, speaker and panelist, Samantha has spoken on the topic of financial crime prevention, and the role technology must play in it, at many prestigious events around the world.  

She is experienced in the development and delivery of financial crime prevention training, sharing her expertise in risk management, enhanced due diligence, and product-specific financial crime risk detection with teams looking to strengthen their own internal processes.  

Her experience includes serving in various senior level positions for different financial institutions across Europe. Recently, she’s been closely involved in projects specifically relating to fintechs and their use of regtech to stop financial crime and effectively screen customers and third-parties.  

You can hear more from Samantha on her financial crime podcast, Captivated Audience. With three seasons worth of episodes to catch up on, hear directly from the experts themselves on the intersection of technology and financial crime prevention.  

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John-Paul Eaton

To make a positive impact in the world of anti-financial crime, John-Paul Eaton has been busy building a community teams can turn to for support in their pursuit of building world-class anti-financial crime experiences.  

He is currently serving as the Global Community Director at FINTRAIL, a consultancy firm that operates across the world’s financial services ecosystem, helping organizations access new and agile financial crime and risk management tools. His work involves building long-term partnerships between FINTRAIL’s community members, helping them address common challenges and connect to other like-minded people in the world of anti-financial crime.  

His work involves understanding that modern risk management requires new approaches, that compliance cannot simply be a box-ticking process or accepted as a burden. Instead, it’s possible – with the kind of tools regtech provides - to combine commerciality with intelligence and achieve results that are scalable and fit for a modern world where criminals move fast, and customers demand world-class experiences.  

Listen to the Moody’s Analytics podcast to hear from John-Paul first-hand about the work FINTRAIL is doing and how the group considers innovations like regtech to be a force for good for our common future.  

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