Moody's Analytics recognized as Watchlist Screening & Monitoring Category Leader by Chartis

September 28, 2022

Chartis Research released part two of its report:  Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: Watchlist Screening and Monitoring Solutions. A core focus of the report is an overview of the name/account screening vendor landscape. We are pleased to share that Moody’s Analytics is named Category Leader for Sanctions Screening Solutions: Name Screening. Further, Moody’s Analytics was designated as the provider with the most market potential in the space.  

“Moody’s has built on its legacy in the market with a very strong name screening solution”, said Nick Vitchev, Research Director at Chartis. “By combining data, advanced AI technology and a novel approach to risk assessment, its GRID offering solves long-standing market challenges in a highly innovative way – an approach with huge potential in this market.”

To learn more about the Chartis Research, download the full report here.  

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