Moody's Analytics KYC delivers powerful, decision-ready, risk intelligence

Our industry leading compliance offerings streamline internal processes, reduce workload, and provide a more accurate view of risk.
Understand who you do business with and the risks associated with those entities and individuals
The world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies, Orbis has information on over 425+ million global entities – 40 million with detailed financial information.

Orbis contains a wide variety of data that is appended and standardized it to make it richer, more powerful, and easier to integrate. We capture and treat data from 170+ separate providers, and hundreds of our own sources.

Use Orbis to find the risks hiding in complex structures and networks for better, faster risk decisions. Get quick answers, verify companies or leverage for detailed research and third-party screening.
The world’s largest curated risk-relevant database.

GRID powers our screening solutions to uncover hidden risk. Comprised of sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), watchlists, and 50+ risk types derived from our unrivaled adverse media capabilities. Risk intelligence is curated into detailed, entity-resolved profiles so you can see all risk-relevant data on a given organization or individuals in structured, easy-to-consume reports.

GRID combines comprehensive data and categorization to allow filtering by risk type, risk stage and risk age, based on relevance and your own risk appetite, resulting in fewer false positive results, more efficiency and greater speed for your good customers.
Data Driven, Risk Relevant
Data alone doesn’t mitigate risk – the actionable information derived from data does. Our market-leading network-based platforms combine deep datasets, risk analytics, human expertise, and AI technology that precisely identify key counter-party risks and eliminate them before they materialize.
A powerful, data-driven decision engine that helps you analyze, assess, and monitor your third parties. Streamline know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) research, making your client onboarding and customer due diligence more efficient.

Compliance Catalyst is powered by the Orbis entity database and by GRID, a risk database of adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and PEPs. You can combine your own data, and customer data into your analyses.

Compliance Catalyst is a complete risk platform. It’s scalable, fast and includes a range of modules so you can configure your own solution.
Comprehensive, flexible and precise customer & third-party screening that dramatically reduces false positives.

Our Review solution screens and monitors individuals and entities, according to your risk appetite, to help you make better, faster decisions.

It’s powered by GRID, our comprehensive database of 14m+ risk profiles. Review combines data, technology and people power for precise results and an industry leading reduction in false positive hits.

Comply with global anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations and empower your decision making to protect your business from association with financial crime and bad actors.
accurate entity name matching
Benefit from high performance entity resolution. When you submit a name of an individual or entity it moves through a series of steps for accurate entity resolution. These steps consider multiple variables including linguistic culture, spelling alternatives and word order. This results in fewer false positives and more relevant screening results.
Support Your KYC / AML Program with Artificial Intelligence
AI Review is a true artificial intelligence screening solution. It enables real-time response with expert analyst-level effectiveness.

You can configure AI Review to your organization's preferred risk tolerance and execute additional adverse media screening to manage reputational and regulatory risks.

More than 15 years of analyst decision data serves the global model that’s ready to go on day one. That model can then be trained and tested to replicate your organization's specific decision-making. Making Level 1 screening decisions instantly, accurately, and consistently.
A flexible customer screening dashboard that provides real-time reporting on your KYC and AML operations. Use the data visualization to optimize your processes and compliance team. It works seamlessly with our screening solutions and enables you to easily understand your data and extract meaningful insights. Those insights will help you make better decisions about staffing, workflow configurations, and long-term AML strategy based on where the most risk comes from.